How it works
You have to do (almost) nothing

Familiarize Yourself With the Process

Luggage storage & Pick up

Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport

As you arrive at the
airport later in the day,
make your way to the
luggage depot. Simply
pick up your luggage
and make your way to the
check-in desk, which is
less than one minute away.
We will deliver your
luggage safely from the
hotel to the Schiphol airport,
or any other of our
official drop off points.
We keep you informed of the
process so that you know
the whereabouts of your
luggage is.
Allow yourself to fully
enjoy your last day in
the Netherlands. You have
outsmarted the avergae
traveller by not...
...dragging your luggage everywhere
...making unneccesary trips back
and forth from and to the hotel
...wasting time and STRESSING
As you are preparing to
head into the city or surrounding
areas, leave your luggage
with your hotel reception.
One of our highly reliable
LuggageBuddies will collect
your belongings.
Book online a luggage pick up. Effortlessly and convenient. Or book at the reception with one of our partner hotels. A pick up can be booked on the same day of departure!

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