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What is Luggagebuddy?

Luggagebuddy transports luggages between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Other destinations besides the airport are also possible.

Why deliver my luggage to the airport?

Any experienced traveler knows the hurdle that comes along with carrying luggage through the city to the airport. The service allows you to move freely around the city or its surroundings and make your day worthwhile.

How can I use the service?

You can book online or telephone us. As soon as we have received your booking an automatic mail will be send to provide you with the necessary information on where to leave your luggage and where to pick it up. We will come and collect your luggage and deliver it to the airport’s storage depot, or other official dropping point.

I saw the Luggagebuddy van stop and pick up luggage, can I also drop off my luggage without a booking?

You can always drop of your luggage at any of the drop off locations in Amsterdam. If you see the Luggagebuddy it is also possible to ask the van to stop and pick up your luggage. This is only possible if the traffic situation permits. However we highly recommend that you book online to ensure a smooth pick-up and delivery and avoid disappointment.

Where does LuggageBuddy operate?

LuggageBuddy delivers luggage from anywhere in Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport, the Amsterdam cruise docks and terminals and Amsterdam central railway station.

When does LuggageBuddy operate?

LuggageBuddy operates from 7 AM to 3 PM from Monday to Sunday. Your luggage can be picked up at any time of day at the airport. We can be contacted 24/7.

How long does it take to deliver my luggage to the airport?

The delivery of your luggage to the airport will be done within 1,5 hour. It depends where we are on the route to the airport. If we are at the center of Amsterdam it will take 1,5 hour, if we are further in town it may take about 30 minutes.

How can I be certain that the delivery and storage is safe and secure?

We take the safety of your luggage very serious. Our staff has gone through strict interview procedures. Moreover, your luggage will be stored in a 24/7 CCTV secured storage depot at the airport. The LuggageBuddy van will remain locked the entire time your luggage is being transported.

Is my personal information secure?

We take your personal information very serious and never share it with a third party, unless this is necessary to provide our service to you. See our “privacy policy” for detailed information.

Can I book on the same day of departure?

Yes you can book on the same day as your flight, cruise or train departure. However, to ensure a smooth experience we recommend to book ahead of your departure date.

Can I cancel the pick up?

Yes you can cancel the pick-up. Cancellation can be done up to 30 minutes before pick up. Telephone us to cancel the pick-up.

Where can I drop my luggage?

You can leave your luggage at the hotel reception or wait with it at one of the drop on and off locations for one of the Luggagebuggy vans to collect it.

Where can I pick up my luggage?

In case your luggage has been delivered to the airport you can pick up your luggage at arrivals 2 in the basement. The departure area can be reached by elevator from the storage depot. Depending on your flight’s check in desk it may take up to three minutes’ walk to reach it.

How do I know my luggage has been delivered?

As soon as your luggage has been delivered an email or sms will be send to inform you to confirm this.

How can I contact LuggageBuddy?

We can be contacted by mail, phone, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and live chat. View the contact page for the details.

Can I view my booking?

Yes you can. Log in on to the website to view your booking at the “My booking” tab.

What happens if my luggage does not arrive on time?

If this unfortunate and unlikely event occurs we will deliver your luggage the next day to any of the destinations you prefer, if it is your home in Australia !!!!?, hotel or office we will make sure it gets there. However to date we have not experienced this problem.

What happens with damage or loss?

Luggagebuddy takes the safety of your luggage very seriously. The delivery is done carefully to ensure there are no damages. With our special one-time use seal your luggage cannot be opened by us. Your luggage has standard insurance cover of up to 640 Euro. By paying an additional 1,50 Euro per item your luggage will be covered for up to 5,000 euro per luggage item.

How will I be charged for the service and when?

If you book online you will be charged at that time. Luggagebuddy accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You may also wish to pay through iDeal. Other payment methods are in cash at the hotel or with the driver of the van at the time of collection.

Does Luggagebuddy deliver to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam cruise terminal and Amsterdam central station?

At the moment yes. We will expand the service in the near future to include delivery from the airport to other destinations.

Can Luggagebuddy hold luggage for longer than 24 hours?

The possibility exists to keep your luggage longer at the luggage depot. However, this should be communicated with us before we pick up your luggage. You can leave your luggage there for a longer period. This will be subject to an additional cost of€ 7.50 per day per item.

Is there a maximum number of luggage items that can be picked up per person?

No, there is not a maximum number of luggage items a person can leave for Luggagebuddy to collect, subject to booking in advance.

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