Schiphol Storage Depot

The depot is located in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, between arrivals 1 and 2

At the airport

On your arrival at the airport make your way to the luggage depot between arrival halls 1 and 2 in the basement. View the map below to find the location of it and your location when arriving at the airport by train, bus or taxi. After picking up your luggage, take the elevator or stairs to the first floor to check in.


As you get to the first floor you will find yourself between departures 1 and 2. Departures 3 is one corridor away and it takes approximately a further 3 minutes to walk to your check-in desk. View the maps below to orientate yourself.

schiphol airport map arrivals

The depot

Suitcases, bags and any other baggage can be stored at the storage place securely and safely for an extended period of time. The maximum time limit for this is one day, but you can contact us for extension time (maybe you would like to store the luggage for several days). The baggage depot is open daily from 06:00 to 22:00.

Outside of opening hours assistance can be requested through the available intercom.

By using your, unique given, code you can collect your luggage at the guard at the storage place.

Contact Us

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