Who we are

LuggageBuddy is a premium courier company specializing in the transport of luggage from the city Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport. The company has its roots in the Netherlands where three ambitious young entrepreneurs were willing to take on the world and make it a better place to live in.

“It happens to millions of us every day – carrying that heavy luggage around the city or returning to the hotel to pick it up”

One of the founders, an experienced world traveler, noticed the lack of luggage solutions in the Netherlands. We are all familiar with the hassle that comes from carrying luggage through the city. Shopping is a challenge, getting from A to B is a major exercise and picking up your luggage at the hotel or public storage locker is a “tour de France”.

In Japan companies offer a service to pick up your luggage, from anywhere in the regions they operate, to the airport. In Hong Kong drop off locations have been set up in order for tourists to check-in in town. They do not have to look at their luggage again until they arrive at their destination airport, because it will be put automatically on to the plane. In the United States various companies offer shipping and luggage pick-up services. It is about time to offer the highly welcomed visitors to the Netherlands the same luxury. No more dragging, no more sweating, no more rushing, no more wasting time. Say hello to freedom, relieve, flexibility, last minute city viewing and shopping.

LuggageBuddy uses only fully electric driven vans to transport the luggage from any location in Amsterdam to the airport, Amsterdam docks and Central station. By using electric driven vans we contribute to a fresher and healthier life. This allows space for our customers to take the public transportation to the airport and in that matter we all contribute. Do you still wish to take the taxi? Amsterdam taxi companies also use electrically driven cars.

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