Transfer your bags to the airport luggage storage
Airport Luggage Transfer
Store all your bags or other belongings at the Airport luggage storage depot
from the doorsteps of your hotel or any Amsterdam address.

Luggage storage in Amsterdam

Transfer and store your luggage at the Amsterdam airport’s secured luggage storage from the doorsteps of your hotel, Amsterdam home or cruise ship.

Travel luggage free to and from the hotel, make your day effortless and worthwhile so you can see and enjoy the city more, make the most of your time or attend that important meeting.

Book a pick up today, sit back and relax.

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Your benefits

store your luggage for convenience


We carry and you enjoy

Delivered in hours, saving you hours

All sizes and weights are welcome

Make your last day worthwile in Amsterdam

Secure storage


All bags sealed and insured for free

Location tracking

24/7 CCTV secured and guarded storage

In coöperation with the Airport Schiphol

More time

More time

Stay longer in Amsterdam

Shop around, eat or drink something

See that last place on your list

Book a transfer  last minute


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